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privacy_policyAccording to our privacy policies, we do not share any information regarding our clients, writers or tutors with any third parties. They are kept strictly confidential with the company. All business dealings and transactions are made through PayPal, therefore all details related to credit card are kept at PayPal. If any legal issues arise, our legislative team reserves the right to share such information during any legal process or judiciary hearings, as we are permitted to protect our rights. We also recommend you to frequently go through our terms and conditions as we maintain the right to regularly update them, in accordance to changing trends and requirements. The modified and updated policy will be posted here, on this site. If you use our services through this site, then it will be constituted as an agreement to the terms and conditions of the policy, including all changes.


Information from the clients


Except for the email ID, we do not gather any personal information from the client.  The use of the email ID is strictly for communication with the client. It is neither used for any other purpose, nor shared with any third party. In case, the client wishes to communicate with another ID, he or she can do so by sending a mail to [email protected]/bonafide


Opt out Policy


If a client is dissatisfied with our services or wishes to opt out, we provide the option of backing out through the following steps.

  • First, the client is required to send an email, stating the issue , request or complaint to the email ID [email protected]/bonafide
  • The customer care executive will forward the client’s complaint to the supervisor
  • The supervisor will revert back to the client with a confirmation mail
  • Steps will be taken to try to resolve the matter
  • If the matter isn’t resolved, then the client is given the option of opting out of the services
  • The estimated waiting time is between twelve to twenty-four hours.
  • The Matrix Customer Service Executive will reply in two to four hours
  • The confirmatory mail from the Supervisor should reach the client in approximately six to eight hours
  • The reply from the team lead should reach the client in approximately a day’s time.




As the Internet is an open medium, where delivery is through email, it is constituted that the client agrees and understands that no hard copies of the assignment will be provided. The delivery of the assignment will be in the allotted time frame. If there is a lapse from our side, either the client will be notified through an email, or the money will be returned. This has been mentioned in our other sections, under the heading “payment queries”. The work might be delivered in installments if the entire work is unavailable for delivery. If any omission or lapse is committed by the client, we, the company is not liable to pay the client any fine or any cost for any loss incurred to the client.


Taxes, duties and import restrictions


The company has no knowledge about laws of your country. The client is responsible for purchasing any “work” and is liable to pay any import duties or taxes levied in the country of your residence.


Intellectual property and Content


Bonafideassignment is the solitary owner of all intellectual property in this Website and maintains the right to share its content. This includes all text, design, graphics or pictures. Information includes pictures, applications and other files. The client remains only a “visitor” to the website. He or she cannot copy or reproduce any of the content without the permission of the company. This includes the content being used for private or commercial purposes. Any maleficent will not be tolerated.




The contract allows the client to “visit” our site, and view the intellectual property. He or she is allowed to “buy” our services. The continual use of the site will be viewed as an agreement to our terms and conditions. The time frame will be specified by our company through an email. The mail will be sent to the email ID provided or specified by the client. Any quotation specified by us remains valid for a period of twelve hours. We, however, maintain the right to alter this time frame. The confirmatory mail from our company will specify the price, the time of delivery and the description of the work. Any upgrades or modifications will render the former agreement useless.




The Works provided by us are custom-built at your request and are made to suit your specific requirements. The delivery times mentioned is an estimate only, though we use our prudent endeavors to stick to the specified delivery date. The risk of the work is yours, from the minute they are requested.


Price and Payment


The work will not be started if any part payment is not received. The company will send the work after being paid the full amount that has been approved between both parties in writing. The company is not to be held responsible for any charges that the client’s bank charges on the transaction. The client has to pay the total amount under these terms by the specified means, without any deduction or counterclaim. If the company owes any reimbursement, it will be paid in no less than thirty days.


Works returned


The client cannot cancel any “Work” provided to them as it is written in accordance to the specifications provided by the client himself or herself. Once a confirmatory mail has been received through our mail delivery system, the order is considered accepted. The company will not be held responsible for any lost mail. If the client is dissatisfied by the work, he or she can send a mail to the email id………….. Or alternatively fill the complaint form. The company will revert back within 30 days from the original date of contact. If there is no mail from the client within seven days of delivery of the assignment, it is deemed that he or she has accepted the assignment and is fully satisfied with it. Further amendments will not be entertained.


Permitted use of work


The client is not permitted to present the Work as theirs .This would be considered a breach of our copyright policy. The client also agrees not to sell or distribute or post the work provided by us to any other website. This website aims to provide academic guidance. It should not be interpreted as professional advice. The work is only intended to be used for research or reference purposes. The company will not be held responsible if by using our services, the client is considered to be breaching the regulations of his or her institution.


Rights of Third Parties


Under the provisions of the Contracts {(Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.}, nothing in this agreement or on our website shall bestow on any third party any benefit




The client agrees to indemnify the company against any claims or demands, charges or losses sustained or incurred by us. This includes realistic lawyers’ fees, arising by the use, either directly or indirectly out of our Website and/or the Works, or the violation by you, or by any other person that might have been using the client’s computer, of any intellectual property or other right of any person.


System Security


You concur that you will allow any other person to, infringe or attempt to infringe any facet of the security of our website. You concur that you will not adjust, undo, disassemble, copy, or cause harm or accidental outcome to any segment of our website.


Contractual Limitation


This clause explains our complete financial liability (including any liability for the acts or omissions of our employees or Writers) to you in respect of: any breach of contract; any use made by you of our Works or any part of them; and any representation, statement or tortuous act or omission (including negligence) arising under or in connection with the Contract.




If any of the terms mentioned above or below are invalid or unenforceable, then they shall be deemed as modified. The changes will be minimal. Maximum will be done to bring in to the frame of jurisdiction so that it can be avoided to be declared as null or void. Each condition will be interpreted as severable. The terms will not be affected.




The company is not liable for any breach of obligations that result from causes beyond our reasonable control. This includes striking of our own employees, system down – time or email misdirection by a third party.


Dispute Resolution


The client agrees to settle all disputes, if any, by engaging in good faith with us in a process of mediation before beginning adjudication or litigation.

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