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03 Oct Different Models of Human Resource Management

Management students have difficulty in their HRM assignments as they are unable to select the most appropriate model. We at Bonafideassignment provide management students with the appropriate guidance with our HRM assignment help.

Human resource management, has often been described as a concept with two separate forms, including the hard model and soft model. The focus of the soft model is on individuals. This includes self- Direction of individuals along with different characteristics of their self regulated behavior such as commitment and trust. Different strategies are utilized to modified this self regulated behavior individuals. The focus of soft models is to concentrate on the needs of the employees. This includes their roles, their motivation levels and their rewards. The strategic focus is on long-term workforce planning. Here, flatter organisational structures are used. In contrast, the focus of the hard model is on rationalism. Here, rationalism is related to strategic fit. In simple terms, this means that a rational approach to management is selected to maintain the balance between different individuals. Hard models of HRM treat employees like resources of the business. This model uses in ploys in corporate business planning, with the aim of identifying workforce needs. There is redundancy in recruitment. This model uses taller organisational structures.To better understand the differences between the hard and soft model, feel free to acquire our guidance through our HRM assignment help.

The purpose of these models is always the same. They provide an analysis framework to analyse different characteristics of human resource management such as stakeholder involvement, situational factors or competence. Additionally, they help to legitimize certain practices of HRM. This, in itself is a distinct requirement of human resource management where it is necessary to justify why a certain distinctive approach has been selected. This is because the selection of a distinctive approach is not as important as the training which was used to select this approach. The third purpose of using any model is that they help to characterize human resource management. This in turn, helps to establish different variables. The establishment of different variables in turn helps to establish potential relationships. Similarly, the fourth and the most important purpose of any model is its heuristic ability. To get a better understanding about these topics, feel free to contact our customer service. Alternatively, you can acquire our guidance through our HRM assignment help.


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